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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

stitches, scars and splints

just got back from my appointments at NUH. ulna and radius bones are setting quite nicely and are held by titanium plate-strips and screws. the wrist bones are held up by pins that look like hairpins. doc says i have to be careful with the wrist movements so i ought to protect it as much as possible. the therapist remolded my splint (called a Munster cast) to fit my arm and wrist which have subsided in swelling.

the cast i'm wearing is called a Munster Cast. i kid you not.

that scar is about 10cm long. i didn't count the number of stitches.

there are also stitches on my wrist (L-shaped), and another 8cm long one slightly below.
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clay said...

Munster Cast!? LOl... hope you're feeling better!!!!!!!