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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Well it's been so many months since I last blogged here. Time really flies, and things have changed quite a bit.
There's heavy involvement in getting the pentathlon squad up and running (literally), Dad's surgery and his acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Saviour, me taking up competitive swimming (speedwork finally!), and major changes at work.
I guess the 2 most significant episodes for this year thus far is when Dad took it upon himself to follow Christ and when I got headhunted some weeks ago for a huge jump in my career.
Dad: Well he had a routine checkup and doctors found a suspicious tumour in his kidney. Dad got worried and so did we, but by knowledge of Science, we knew that humans could live on one kidney if docs decide to take one side out. Anyway Dad decided one day to follow Christ and to accept Him as Saviour. Now, that was kinda shocking too... coz Dad was somewhat previously resistant to being Christianity. He didn't oppose, he just was kinda stubborn. We decided to leave it in God's Hands and as you would have it, the tumour was taken out and Dad still got two kidneys. In other words, he's recovered pretty well ever since even with a little complications with diabeties... but Dad has been very disciplined in eating well and exercising lots with walking and more walking. In his heart, he still believes in God and has faith in Him, but he needs to go to Church though. Church and Bible studies helps us to grow in faith. Having said that, I also need to go Church.
Work: There's been lots of change at work and this was made more pronounced with the realisation of recession. In April, Surbana's got a great Chief in Mr Chua and I highly respect his leadership and vision. A few of us got involved in the strategic thinking group to lead for change in the organisation. Things are slowly progressing.... and then a headhunter hooked me up for a management position. In gist, I literally went from Senior Engineer in a multi-discipline consultancy to a General Manager in an MNC overnight. I just quit my job in Surbana for that GM post. I owe it partly to Chief who always believed in me... and I foresee a fair bit of collaborations in the future.
We are all blessed people... and we shouldn't take things for granted.
Thanks to Michael Jackson's untimely demise, I quote him from Man in the Mirror "If you wanna make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change."
Well, I'm living it.

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