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New Year Resolution for 2008: Swim faster, Run longer, maybe return to cycling.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Someone noticed my bib number...

Winston noticed that my bib number - 4201 - seemed to indicate that I was doing the full marathon (42.105km) for the first time.

It's not a mere coincidence, dear Prof. I actually bid for my bib. I thought it was alright to donate $50 to Beyond Social Services, for youths who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. I figured that I'm fortunate enough to be what I am today, so why not?

Why not remind myself that I am doing my first marathon not only for my own personal achievements, but for some kid out there who might not even know what a marathon is?
Why not achieve something significant, while achieving it with purpose?

4201. My first marathon indeed, and I completed it.

What's next?

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