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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CSI: Grandma decodes the TV

We were having trouble with the TV remote control last Sunday at Grandma Popo's place. We figured it was probably either the batteries of the remote control (RC) unit or just plain bad contact between batteries and RC. In any case, we managed to turn on the TV after a few palm slaps and hard button pressing of the RC.

Well, Grandma Popo witnessed the entire episode and got rather concerned that there must have been something wrong with the TV signals.
Popo (in cantonese): Ah Munn, I've got a new television in my room and there are words on the screen that just wouldn't go away! See? Even this TV in the living room [she points at the one that we just switched on] took such difficulty. I've never seen those words before and they are also on the TV.

Me: What are you talking about, Popo? Don't worry about those words on the screen. They are subtitles.

Popo: No they are not subtitles! I know what subtitles are! I noticed this discrepancy ever since we got the new TV in my room. I've been monitoring the situation.

Me: And how have you been monitoring it? [Popo's got all the time in the world, and she's very capable of thinking of very innovative ways to solve certain 'mysteries in life'].

Popo: Wait. I copied down those words that wouldn't go away. I'll go take it (the paper) from my room. See if it makes sense..... [she scurries into her room and comes back with the slip of paper, then thrusts the paper into my hands]

Popo: Here. Take a look at it. See... these are the words!
On that small slip of paper I'm holding were these words, painstakingly copied letter by letter, line by line.....
My beloved Popo..... always the Sherlock Holmes in her!

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