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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No Time to Eat, Shit, Sleep, or Train

Excuses, excuses, excuses. That's what the naysayers would say about my lack of time management.

Honestly, I'm overwhelmed - no, in fact, my entire team is - with a lot of overseas master planning projects. We're not stressed yet, but we've just got too many things in our hands. So far it's been challenging because each project is unique, and handling every project head-on requires a quick mind.

It's analogous to retrieving the correct folder in the file cabinet brain of yours.

Attending meetings for Russian projects in one instance, then going for another workshop for a new city in Abu Dhabi. Immediately after lunch, it's tackling the social issues in the heart of Mumbai. Meanwhile, we get calls from architects seeking our advice for the various projects in Vietnam. Oops, the boss sends an email asking if we could take on a project in Bahrain. Then there's the local developer client who drops by the office to say hi.

Corporate juggling. It's a circus here!

But like I said, it's challenging. I shouldn't throw in the towel yet (or even think about it) coz it's a matter of time management and working smart.

It's been long hours in the office. Even the lighting timer on my fish tank turns off before I pack my laptop for home. I've had to compromise on relaxation time and training time.

Dang! And the Sundown Marathon is in about 6 weeks time! Perhaps my (unglorified) half marathon in Kuala Lumpur a couple weekends ago should be some sort of consolation, but we all know that that isn't enough for a good comfy 42.2km run at the end of May.

I need to incorporate lunchtime workouts again. Work smart, train smarter. I may not have the time to put in the mileage, but I could certainly work on the core muscles, some interval training and active recovery routines. 5km runs, some brick training at SAFRA, perhaps a couple of stationary bike workouts for the heart rate, pilates on the ball, etc. It's gotta be purposeful training.

Yes I'm overwhelmed with projects. But am I stressed? Nope. Not yet at least. Look, it's still better to do overtime with different projects than with one single boring project. I can't imagine spending my every waking moment on a single project for a few years! I mean... where's the challenge? Talk about creativity stagnation!

I take it as a learning experience. Time management and project management. I also need to manage my resources properly as well.

Pssst, and taking a break by updating this blog is about time management too... I've been sketching road networks in Vietnam, India and Russia for the past 3 days already!

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