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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Tale of Two Offices

Here's a rundown of old office versus new office:

From Beach Road to Bukit Merah;

3rd storey to 13th.

150 staff to 40 in the division;

local traffic jobs have now become international masterplanning projects.

My tiny space at the Concourse has made way to a cubicle about 4 times bigger at the former HDB HQ, and yes my cubicle has got lots of cupboards (with locks) and a private meeting space as well.

The number of toilet stalls and urinals remain the same at both places, but the ratio of employee to toilet differs (you do the math).

I now have a laptop while previously I had a desktop.

My backbreaker chair is now a proper ergonomic office chair with armrests.

There are proper recycling bins yet not much frantic printing and plotting of unneccesary wastes.

And I haven't talked about the other perks yet... ...

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