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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Road to Napa Valley

I woke up early this morning and was determined to get to the gym to do some workouts. Not only did I manage to get to FF George St by 8am, but along the way, I also managed to have a good breakfast with mom and dad in the kitchen. It must have been quite a while since we had 'quality' time. Otherwise normally I would have missed them when we all leave for work at different times, and I would come back so late at night that I don't get a chance to have a decent conversation with my folks.

So there you go - another plus point in being determined to do these races. I get to wake up early to train AND talk to my folks.

I need a better alarm clock now since my hands are now automatically conditioned to do routine stretches to reach the Snooze button every 9 minutes. I seriously have eyes on the tips of my fingers. Either that, or some of my smarter brain cells have moved to my digital tips.

Anyway I reached the gym at 8am. This means I have a total of one hour to change, workout, cooldown, shower, change again, grab a sandwich, and walk to Club St.

I tried on my new De Soto Power Tri shorts.... Cool.... looked as if i got a tight butt. But that's besides the point.

I did my bike cadence training. Wanted to aim for 20 minutes at 100rpm but decided on 15 min instead. I managed 7.5km for distance and maintained 98rpm on average.

Then it was running on the threadmill. I wasn't too concerned about the distance so I tried 10 minutes continuous just to see if any cramps kicked in. Nothing happened. I ended up with 1.5km at about 9km/hr pace.

Since I was short of time, I left it as it is. By the way, before the cardio workout, I did some lunges and back exercises too. Well, at least I did some training today. It was really agonising not being able to find the time to train the past 2 days.

I also got the Orca Predator 2 wetsuit from Ser Luck today. Can't wait to try it on tomorrow morning. I hope it fits.

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