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Monday, April 25, 2005

Constricted by the Predator 2.

I think the Orca Predator wetsuit was designed with the boa constrictor in mind. I tried the wetsuit on and - true to what newbies experience - it was an extremely labourous effort to put the darn thing on.

I was already perspiring by the time my legs got in, and I still had to wriggle my torso and arms into the human condom.

I took a good 10 minutes and I seriously could pass off as a walking prophylactic. I could feel the springy sensation at the arms and legs. Is this what the manufacturers meant by freedom of movement in open water swims?

I tried it out at the pool downstairs.

WHOA! It was awesome! Boy could I glide! It was really effortless. Ah.. but I.... couldn't..... breathe... properly. No doubt the suit was tight. It also restricted my chest expansions when I breathed. It literally took the wind out of me at every breathing stroke.

I now have second thoughts about using Ser Luck's Orca. I have to kick in Plan B.

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