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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Road to Napa Valley

Whew. Just got back from the gym. Today's workout included 5.5km (5k run, 0.5k recovery) on the treadmill, and then a 1000m swim. I wasn't too concerned about the timing as I wanted to just get on with working on my stamina (actually, I think the stamina is already there but I have this funny feeling I'm getting a little lazy to put in more effort).

I also worked on the upper and lower back exercises. On the upper back one (the low row), I tried to simulate frontcrawl conditions by alternating my pulls. The machine gave me resistance on each pull although the cable weights were not moving. DUH! It's not moving because I'm resisting the movement. Get it? Well, this hunky (classic brawn-but-no-brains) personal trainer came up to me and said, "Oi, you cannot do that."

I said,"Why? I'm trying to simulate swimming conditions."

He replied, "Cannot. See, the weights not moving. No resistance. Cannot build up."

"It's not moving because I'm resisting the movements on every alternate pull"

He was quite adament. I didn't want to give him a primary 4 science lecture on pulleys and Newton's Law. Yes, the action-reaction one. I just gave him the respect that his biceps are bigger than my brain, so I left it as that and just worked on single rows. I could still live with it.

BTW, I'm getting quite sick with the 2nd-hand smoke I'm breathing in the office. It's pissing me off.

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