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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Award winning local producers tasked to direct Youth Olympics opening

Singapore. It's official: Local producers Jack Neo and Royston Tan have been tasked by the Youth Olympic committee to direct the opening ceremony for the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympics. In a bid to out-do, out-class, and out-perform Beijing's recent stellar Olympic ceremony showcase to the world, both producers were given the mammoth task to produce the 'world's best' show on earth for many years to come.
Reporters who were left out of the Beijing media entourage were at the closed-door press conference yesterday for the public announcement to engage both producers. When asked if he had immediate plans for the extravaganza, Jack Neo said "Actually I (am) very happy to hear I (am) compared to Zhang Yimou. I will do my best to produce (a) very exciting and big performance." Royston Tan, the director of the hit movie 881 had no comment, but Jack Neo indicated he would like to call the show 'Medal No Enough'.
It was also understood at presstime that the committee is working with the ICA to extend honourary Singapore citizenships to the various 'brains' behind Beijing's performance.

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