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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's in the print edition of the Straits Times

Woohoo..... my letter got published in the print edition today, albeit edited to suit the context. A Straits Times editor contacted me yesterday to clarify. Although edited, the content is and intent to seek clarification from the authorities is there.
I reproduce the edited letter here:

N-Day song's music concept video a copycat?
I WAS proud of Singapore when I first read the lyrics to this year's National Day theme song Shine For Singapore.
The song made me reminisce about songs of past National Day Parades.
All of them, whenever sung or hummed in the head, invoke pride and belonging.
Our usual complaints of fare hikes and increase in Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry prices are overshadowed by the fact that our pragmatic Government has boldly moved forward to be one of the best in the world in many aspects, including prosperity, security and technology.
The songs make us feel that we're part of the nation's progress.
But here's the glitch. The music video concept popularising Shine doesn't seem original. It mimics one that was aired by the Japan Ad Council, about two years ago, which, ironically had a tagline that said: 'How to encourage your child? Use your imagination.'
The uncanny similarities between Shine and the Japanese ad, can be viewed on the Internet's YouTube, titled Imagination Whale.
I hope it's coincidental. If it isn't, what does it say about our imagination and creativity? How do I call Shine my Singapore song if the music video copied its Japanese predecessor?


Anonymous said...

Whoa i read your letter on st, and immediately went on youtube to search for it, and yes i couldn't agree more that the concept is totally plagiarised.
thanks for your letter it brought about great understanding, if not i'd still be amazed by the conceptualisation of the mtv.

Anonymous said...

was there a reply to yr letter?