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Friday, June 02, 2006

Joe, Trish and Choonwei

Here's introducing 3 of the Singaporeans going for Ironman Canada!

Choonwei the Zoomway
Freelance web designer by day, strong cyclist by night.
Not only he bikes and runs much faster than most of us,
but he sure eats a lot!
Legend says he got a superworm in his system,
but that ain't gonna stop this single, eligible dude
from taking part in his first IM this August!

Tricia "Aqueous"

Don't let this little girl fool you either,

she'll beat you on the swim, bike, run and on the trails.

Her mental focus and determination will bring her to the finishing line.

With ease. Anytime.

Joe the Relac-wan-korner "Blow"

You'll hear him from miles away.

He'll walk faster than you can speed on your BMX.

His breaststroke will put a jetski company out of business

And he's only doing triathlons for fun!

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