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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grandiose hopes from the Manpower Ministry

What is the Manpower Minister thinking when he said that Singapore aims to be the world's best services workforce?

What is services workforce? What is world's best?

I'm sorry but Singapore services seriously lacks in COURTESY, PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE, and BASIC COMMONSENSE. Couple that with the severe lack of empowerment with regards to decision-making, his statement of aiming to be world's best is a tall order.

There are so many examples to choose from when it comes to lousy services compared with what other countries give. Mind you, being able to serve is usually in-built in a person's character. How to have such world's best services if we are so stiff and stifled?

Take for example if a diner finds out that there is something wrong with his food order. He tells the waiter. What would be the reaction of the waiter?

1. Act blur. Stand there like goblok and don't know what to do.
2. Call his supervisor, who will call his manager, who will call owner....
3. Automatically replace the offending order, no questions asked

How about those waiters at japanese restaurants who holler some japanese greeting everytime a diner enters the restaurant. Let me ask how many staff actually mean what they say WITH A SMILE?

Too many examples....

It's a tall order. The Manpower Ministry can keep dreaming. Please come up with something more down-to-earth and realistic. This seems to me like sweet talk.

1 comment:

Beng said...

I believe that the minister has conveniently forgotten about the Japanese when he said "world's best"...