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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Everybody wants to win, but some want to win everything.

I've been following the bits and pieces of the things that politicians do in the run-up to the General Elections.

While it is perfectly alright to have the gusto to win in any challenge, I find it rather disturbing that some are blinded by the limelight and somewhat neglecting the actual issues on the ground.

Sometimes it is not about winning the seat/constituency/GRC. Rather, shouldn't it be winning the hearts of the people and ACTUALLY delivering the goods?

I mean, I'm sure the incumbent ruling party will still be in control of the government, but I - together with most 'educated' citizens - sincerely feel that it is unhealthy for our country if 'they' win it all.

Let the citizens decide who the best person for the job is.

What good is it for the nation as a whole if electoral boundaries are enlarged everytime there's an impending GE?


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nic said...

I want to vote too!!! i want to do it overseas, some more!!