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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another one of those boring-bus-ride-kinda random thought

And so I'm on my daily TIBS 980 pilgrimage to the office and I have those out-of-the-blue random thoughts... (we all have them... right? or am I the only one with wild random thoughts?)

The bus was passing by the LTA Hampshire office and somehow my thoughts drifted to the Istana (nearby Farrer Park mah..). Then I thought of our country's Presidents.

Our only surviving president is the current head of state, President Nathan.

Then I think of the pronunciation of Nathan.

Is it Nathan as in "Nah-dern", or Nathan as in "Nay-thern".

So funny to call our head of state President "Nay-Thern".... sounds too angmo-fied.

Yet it's so damn UNIQUELY SINGAPOREAN to call him President "Nah-dern".

Must be culturally sensitive lah. "Nah-dern" is more authentic in this part of the world.

Then another random thought...

What if our current Prez is IT-savvy... what would his name be? Ever thought of that?

Too bad. Israel already coined that name liao.... for their own leader - Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Don't hit me. It's only my wild random thoughts.... ;)


evelyn said...

haha... your thots do really run wild... but, it's goood!

i love reading your entries, cos they never fail to make me laugh (out loud) and giggle (and try to smile it off cos it's stupid to do such stuff in this pin-drop-also-can-hear office).

no worries, it's not just you. pple do have wild thots, just whether they wana admit it anot... ;)

Christal said...

hahaha.. u're so random!! okays.. but nyways.. jus wanna apologize coz i changed fone yet again (just aft we spoke dis evening, reali) n i dun hv ur number. again. and i kinda ws supposed 2 dial u 2nite abt wine bar.. oh. blah.

nic said...


u r not alone in the random thoughts.... thanks for the laugh.