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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Analysis of the Gungho American Angmo and Kiasu Singaporean Chinese

Part One of Analysis (?)

Ah yes, we've seen it all in the movies - The Gungho American Angmo. Everything also chiong. Everything also die die must try. Everything also must beat the crap outta your competitor. Brawn, no brains.

And the privileged few (namely the citizens of this teeny weeny red-iota-on-a-1:50000-scale-world-map) have experienced it all in real life (in this teeny weeny red-iota-on-a-1:50000-scale-world-map) - The Extremely and Ridiculously Kiasu Singaporean Chinese. Everything don't dare to chiong (must ask permission first). Everything try and sure die. Everything don't dare to lift a finger to hit someone (or else Big Brother cane you!). Brains (this is still questionable at point of writing), no brawn.

Aren't we all humans after all? The only reason why we are all different is the state of mentality that we have.

The Americans were originally immigrants from Europe about 250 years ago. Singapore's forefathers were immigrants from China about 200 years ago. The mass migration timeline is not much different considering the historical timeline of the human race.

The Americans are fighters. They've always been relying on freedom to live. It is the very reason of continued maintenance of their freedom that keeps them going. From writing the Constitution to freeing the Blacks from slavery. From prejudice to pride. These dudes dare to be different. They dare to think. They dare to speak.

Our chinese forefathers dared to leave their homeland as well. They were hardworking people. In fact, the chinese migrants throughout the world are hardworking folks. What happened to the offspring of the bunch that landed in Singapore?

Did the advent of National Independence spoil the independence of the individual?

Are individuals collectively spoonfed ?

Are we all numb to the easy life?

How can 'creativity' be forced or coerced?

The drive to survive is ebbing with the pleasures of the easy life. Have we made REAL decisions or were these decisions made for us in society? Read: primary school streaming. "Investing" in public housing by ROMing, etc.

The next 5 years for Singapore will be crucial. Let's wait and see. Everyone. We'll be protected somehow. But for how long? I don't know. We're already losing it to "the others".


nic said...

dun u love foie gras????

Chelonia Munnster said...

YES! there's one really nice one here at Club Street!

nic said...

but u know what - it's animal cruelty!!!

Chelonia Munnster said...

so is peking duck, hainanese chicken rice, turtle soup, shark's fin soup, kway chup, frog legs congee and 98% of all other chinese foods! (remaining 2% are the vegetarian zhai food)