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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Amphibious Quest - NUS Biathlon

Oh it's just a sprint distance biathlon. 800m swim, then 5km run. It's a simple one. The self-trainings and fun trainings with Trifam and the Soulrunners have prepared me for this race. No pre-race jitters at all! Prior to the race, we spent some weekends at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa to get used to the open sea. Well, it's not so much of an open sea since it's actually a lagoon but we still get the jellyfish 'nibbles', seaweed scares, and gagging saltwater.

Only problem was... the race was badly organised! Is it a surprise that it's organised by one of the world's top university? Hahaha... if only there was a laughter endurance contest. Bet I could win it.

Yep, my wave started at 11:30am! Blazing sun with almost 40C direct temperatures. Needless to say, my timing was affected. It was off my personal best.

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